Ambarish Kumar Gupta has more than 40 years of experience in the field of infrastructure development. Is extremely good at project conceptualisation and planning. Has ability to execute large projects and ensure timely completion.

Ambuj Kumar Gupta is a small hydro electric project consultant (below 5 MW capacity) The group benefits from his rich mechanical engineering experience in terms of construction mechanisation and up gradation of construction techniques which help the group build the project faster than the competition. Handles all legal matters and formulates group policies.

Mayank Kumar Gupta, civil engineer from IIT - Delhi takes care of day to day working of the group. Has a strong fundamental base and handles all the technical and engineering related matters.

Ankit Singh (Manager Sales & Marketing), an MBA from University of Lucknow takes care of group’s sales promotion and marketing.

Alok Kumar Sah, an MBA, CEO - Allahabad projects, handles all issues in Allahabad.